Your Judges

In alphabetical order by first name/handle, the panel of judges. Except for me at the end.

Brian J. Geiger
Charlottesville, VA
Freelance food writer, appearing in and Fine Cooking
Magazine, and Kitchen Mysteries at He specializes in
the science of food.

Hot-off-the-Press Cookbooks, Straight-from-the-Oven Recipes

Eunice Montes
@Nieceymo LA & OC
Assistant Pastry Chef & Creative Design Director @CupcakesMB. With a
passion for everything in food, wine, hospitality & fashion ;)

Evan Kleiman
Los Angeles
Culinary Multitasker
Amesbury, Massachusetts
a curious and restless individual who looks for
meaning-understanding-commonality-connection through food and fiction

Jen Hoffmeister
A foodie & home cook with a passion for local eating real food made
from scratch with love.

Jon Ross-Wiley, Co-founder
Boston, MA
Better food is the reason

Judie K
Boston, MA
Loves having food in her life :)! Cooking & baking at home to planning
& cooking for small events, I enjoy the many aspects of food (incl:
sharing + growing).

Lisa Waddle
Newtown, Connecticut
Managing Editor of the most exciting food magazine on newsstands.

Nareg Artinian
Los Angeles County
The foundation of The TK Truck’s cuisine, The Tikkeh Kabob, is a time
honored and perfected recipe that draws from the ethnic flavors of
Armenia and Lebanon.

Suzanne Cope
Somerville/Boston, MA
Eating, reading and writing in the city.

Culinary enthusiasts working together to learn from passionate people
who influence the way we think about food. Ideas and posts
welcome. /ourcookquest/p/plan.html