12:00 PM12:00

Koji Making Workshop at a(MUSE.)

We welcome you to join us for a workshop on koji to help you unlock the potential of this amazing ingredient that has unparalleled power to add flavor depth to everything it touches. Guests will learn the straightforward process of making basic rice koji using aspergillus oryzae (koji-kin) spores. We will also cover incubator options and show you how to build two simple setups, one with an immersion circulator and the other with a cooler and inexpensive aquarium components. For koji applications, we will demonstrate how to make miso, shio koji (umami marinade) & bettarazuke (pickling paste). As a bonus, you will make your own shio-koji to take home. There will be koji inspired drinks and snacks for you to enjoy throughout.

The cost is $50 per person and it includes lunch. Seating is limited so please call 302-227-7107 to reserve your spot.


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