Sherbet Shines with an Unlikely Partner

Take sherbet to the next level by replacing the citrus with quality vinegar. It adds wonderful depth of flavor that shines through.

Cola Concord Grape Vinegar Sherbet Float

I am patiently waiting on summer fruit to get here after a late start. In the meantime, I continue to seek bright and refreshing ideas to keep cool. Sherbet filled the immediate void. It's a wonderful combination of everything that's great about ice cream and sorbet. Untapped potential worth investigating. Give it a shot and you'll understand.

Guidelines for hacking a sherbet base
  • Replace the lemon juice with a delicious vinegar of your choice
  • Replace the dairy with a mix of equal parts cola and sour cream
  • Start with half the amount of sugar
  • Adjust sugar and vinegar to taste after the base is mixed
If you don't have an ice cream machine, try the ChefSteps dry ice process. It's a good time.

As always, please share your ideas so we can all benefit.