OCQ Tweet Up: Food Idea Marathon - All day, all night

Please join us on Wednesday, March 23rd for the #OurCookQuest Food Fest marathon chat. We have folks lined up to post ingredients for you to respond with your immediate inspirations, recipe links, or whatever else comes to mind. There will be one ingredient posted every ten minutes from 8 AM EST to 1 AM EST the next day. That's seventeen hours of continuous food chatting and 102 total ingredients.

Swing by for an hour block to chat with a handle you know, pop in and out to comment on ingredients posted or join in because you are interested in the current theme. We organized this tweetup because we all know how much people who love food enjoy sharing their ideas and knowledge.

Here's the list of our eighteen generous volunteers who will be tossing out inspiring ingredients. Below are their start times, handles, themes and ingredient number assignments.

8am - @eatingtheweek - eat right with color - In1 to 6
9am - @poodle_power - breakfast - In7 to 12
10am - @veryculinary - dessert - In13 to 18
11am - @savvyhost - TBD - In19 to 24
12pm - @vagablonde515 - Mediterranean - In25 to 30
1pm - @authorjane & @silvanamondo - hungry for spring - In31 to 36
2pm - @heather_atwood - TBD - In37 to 42
3pm - @culinaryvixen - perplexing produce - In43 to 48
4pm - @thedailypalette - seasonal - In49 to 54
5pm - @ridining - sustainable seafood - In55 to 60
6pm - @oursweetlife - Italian -In61 to 66
7pm - @familyfoodie - ethnic food - In67 to 72
8pm - @ourcookquest - a surprise - In73 to 78
9pm - @chefatthemarket - farmers' market - In79 to 84
10pm - @bethanyrydmark - Zanzibar - In85 to 90
11pm - @nieceymo - sweet - In91 to 96
12am - @kimhonan - TBD - In97 to 102

Here are some brief instructions for those of you new to Twitter # chats.

Option 1: If you only plan on quickly checking out the chat & posting a few tweets.
  • Use the Twitter search function during the time of the chat and search for: #ourcookquest. This will display all of the tweets with #ourcookquest.
  • If you want to post a tweet to the chat, add #ourcookquest to any part of your post.
Option 2: If you plan on chatting for an extended period