A Tasty Tradition

How 'bout them apples?
We recently went apple picking with our extended family on a crisp afternoon.  It's a great excuse to get everyone together to enjoy each other's company.  We caught up on recent events and happily wasted away the afternoon.  It's amazing how a basic desire for sustenance gets us to learn more about our loved ones.  There's something about these gatherings that has an air of community and tradition.  For me, it comes from my family visiting the orchard every season and heading home to create an array of baked goods.  I could never wait for the apple turnovers to cool and burned the roof of my mouth countless times.  I continue to carry these fond memories with me to this day.  Now, our yearly excursion is for the next generation who will see that it's not just about picking fruit off a tree.

Coincidentally, I read an article in the Times that Michael Pollen posted about 'The 36-Hour Dinner Party' hosted by a Bay Area chef couple.  They built a communal oven in their backyard with the expressed purpose of bringing people together.  The chefs and bakers yielded amazing meals from the hearth. Family and friends stopped by over the day and a half to support the effort as well as enjoy the food and company.   

My favorite lesson that Pollen expressed was, "Iā€™m ... impressed by the ease with which these cooks collaborate, how they can go back and forth from taking the lead on a dish to playing sous chef. These meals are a group endeavor, and everyone seems happy to share authorship."  I built this blog in hopes that people will come together in the same manner to work toward a mutual goal. 

I am pleased to announce that KCRW's Good Food has posted an article about our efforts. 


Thanks to Chef Kleiman and Harriet Ells for spreading the word about The Plan.