We invite you to allow us to provide an informative and fun cooking class. Our core concept is to share fundamental techniques and straightforward methods to help improve your cooking. The offerings below are just a sampling of what we can investigate together


Making Ferments

Basic fermentation is in some ways easier than cooking. Once you learn how and taste the results, you won't believe how you lived without them. We can instruct you on: vinegar, hot sauce, kraut/kimchi, miso/koji, kombucha & water kefir.


Cooking with fermented foods & sauces

Ferments have a wonderful flavor depth that will enhance your dishes like no other ingredient. We can show you how to introduce them into your cooking.


managing excess of an ingredient 

Remember the time you were saddled with all that squash from your garden? Maybe you have an apple tree and are tired of canning sauce? Don't want to toss leftover parsley stems? We have a lot of ideas that can help keep it interesting with just about any ingredient while preserving the bounty.


cooking with an ingredient that's new to you

Get in touch with us about whatever you've discovered (within reason of course) and we'll show you how to make a few dishes with it.


Hot to cold: sauces, soups, and drinks 

Learn how to drop the preconception that a dish has to be a certain temperature. Cooking is all about flexibility. We will show you how minor adjustments can make a sauce, soup or drink delicious hot or cold.


fundamentals of a recipe

Share with us a recipe that you're excited about whether it's new or tried and true. We'll help you breakdown the fundamental techniques and methods, so you can make it your own. Ultimately, help you build a toolbox of basics to create an entirely new dish that you'll be proud of.